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Why buy when you can rent?


Why renting is bike more fun than buying one? Okay now calm down we know what it feels for a biker to buy his own bike and how he can not stand a word against the whole notion of buying it. But here are 5 reasons why renting a bike is more fun than actually owning one.


    1. You get to ride more bikes. Buying a bike can be one of the best gift a man can buy for himself but that just leaves you with that one bike. Unless, you have a whole gang of biker friends ready to share their bikes with each other. But still it will limit your options. Whereas when indulge into a habit of renting a bike, then the options are limitless my friend.
    2. Cost effective. If you are a race bike fan, the minimum you need to shell out is around 1 lac. If you are a cruiser guy, then the misery multiplies by 1.5. These stats are of the lowest priced bikes in each category. Renting a bike is better because for as low as  Rs. 40/hour you can get a Royal Enfield 350. Cool isn’t it?
    3. Find your type of bike.  It is difficult, oh boy it is really very difficult to decide which type of bike you want for yourself. Are you the type of guy who likes blazing at a speed over 100 kmph or are you the person who likes the royal feeling which a cruiser oozes? In order to know, you must learn and in order to learn you can rent.
    4. When buying isn’t in the picture at all. The root cause of all evils is money. Abstaining a bike lover from riding an expensive bike like (give examples) is the evilest thing one can imagine. Lucky for the present day bikers, renting out a bike is also an option these days. Don’t have a five figure salary and still want to ride a Harley, don’t worry we have got your back.
    5. Maintenance can be a hassle. This is one of the best part about renting a bike. You don’t have to take it to the service centre. You don’t have to pay for the servicing. Just pay the rent and enjoy the ride.

It’s now or never

bike ride in rain

Bengaluru is the best city in India to live in. The best kind of climate, the best kind of peeps and let us not neglect all the good pubs this city has. Ever since it’s dawn it had all the ingredients a good city must have. The colonial rulers called it ‘the home’ away from home because of mild, temperate climate, quite unlike most other big Indian cities. Think of the irritating semi-arid climate of Delhi and its cold, harsh winters. Visitors to Bangalore were pleasantly surprised by the city – it felt more European than Indian. Why do you think it became the Silicon Valley of India?
However, this summer changed all such stereotypes about the city. A prolonged heat wave had struck the city with daily temperatures hitting upwards of 39 degrees Celsius. The locals claim this summer to be the worst one the pub city has ever faced. Prioritizing bikes over four wheelers to evade the traffic soon turned into a curse. Will this adversity ever go? Or is Bangalore going to be another Delhi? Questions of all sorts were haunting every denizen of this city. All such ordeals became the lunch talk in every office. Until today…
Nature finally showed its mercy, the clouds gathered over and the first rain of monsoon showered the city with ecstasy, relief, and water. Bangalore became Bangalore again. There were a few drizzling before, a few sprinkles of water, a tease rather than a satiation of the long thirst we Bangaloreans had. Now is the best time to play in the rain, or sit your balcony and watch it pour or even better, now is the perfect time to take a trip nearby. The weather cannot get more pleasant, the relief cannot get much bigger and the euphoria cannot get much elation than this.
So Bangaloreans, what are you guys waiting for? Rent out your favorite motorbike and backpack to the place your heart was yearning for. Quench your thirst for the change you were impatient to encounter. Nature has fulfilled its role, will you?

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